MQ Software2

The Situation

Two years earlier, Teneca had arranged $10 million in debt financing, enabling the company to carry out a number of initiatives that resulted in substantial growth generated by the development of successful new products.

Despite its growth, the Company had never been able to achieve consistent profitability. A decision was made by the Board of Directors to market the company to larger organizations with greater operating and financial resources. With an extensive understanding of the company’s business model attained during the earlier financing process, Teneca was chosen to take MQSoftware to the market.

The Transaction

Teneca marketed the company to a carefully selected group of strategic buyers, including much larger enterprise software companies. We crafted a detailed, customized package for each prospective buyer, demonstrating how our client’s lead product would fit into, enhance and defend each prospect’s enterprise offerings and competitive position.

The Result

Our approach positioning MQSoftware to the needs of each potential acquirer resulted in the sale of the company to BMC Software based on a multiple of revenues.